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Mary Wilson Show Horses

Located at Sandspur Ranch

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Horse Show & Miscellaneous Fees 

Horse Show Fees

  • Leadline: $150

  • Academy: $500 

  • Class A Show: $900 

  • Class A Show (Out of Town): $1,100 

  • Region 7 Championship: $1,500

  • Out of State Regional Championship: $2,000

  • Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show: $2,500

  • Youth Nationals:  $3,000

  • US Nationals: $3,500 

  • Patronship, Sponsorship, Tack Stalls and Stall Front Charges will be divided among horses at show.

  • Bedding, Early Arrival Fees and Entries will be billed as charged. 

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Hauling ($100 minimum): $.95/mile/horse - $.92/mile/two or more horses per owner

  • Body Clip: $150 (includes show face clip)

  • Braiding: $60/show (includes 3 full braids, forelock/mane/tail) or *Billed as charged if hired out.

  • Farrier/Veterinarian Charges: Billed as charged

  • Sales Commission: 15%

  • Finder's Fee: $1,000 (If no commission is paid)​

  • Lease Commission: $500 

  • Supplement Bundle: $100 (includes Platinum Performance and Farriers Formula) 

  • Costume Rental: $100 per show, $200 Nationals

  • Saddle Rental: $75 per show

  • Blanket Rental: $100 per month

  • Photo or Video Preparation of Horse: $50

  • Photo or Video Upload to and YouTube: $75


Show Fees include all trainer’s expenses, groom’s expenses, and horse preparation charges.  Entry fees, office and drug fees, non-members fees, bedding at show, pro-rated tack and groom stalls, and hauling fees are to be paid by owner and are not included in the Show Fee. 


Day fees include all days on the road. 


Show fees are billed 30 days in advance and are due two weeks prior to departure.  Non-payment may result in your horse not being shown. 


All prize money will be retained by the clients. 


When paying with Credit Card, 3.5% will be added to total.


*Prices subject to change.  


Effective January 2019.